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College graduation is a month away, and there are so many things left to worry about. Do I have the career I want? How will life be like on my own in a new job? Will I get to see my friends as much? Will I still have fun in the adult world?

Sometimes the real world gets so frustrating and you just want to relax or have fun- so out comes the booze. Graduating college and starting your life as an adult can be time-consuming, and if you continue your college-drinking habits, you may be putting off important responsibilities. How can you start to focus on the future you want for yourself when you are so used to your college drinking routines?

Work On Time Management

Deadlines come up faster than you think, and if you blow off the night to drink, you might be slapped with a cold look on your boss’s face. Maturity is achieved when you accept the fact that you can’t drink every weekend like you used to in college because of your work or adult duties. You can make up a night of drinking, but you can’t make up a deadline.

For many, this may be hard to grasp, but hey, you’re in the real world now and it’s time to adjust.

Balance Priorities With Fun

Time management helps create a balance in your life between work and play. Being a responsible adult means you need to complete your priorities first.

One boss can be more or less strict than the next, but one way or another, they all care about you submitting your work on time. You may have multiple things needed to get done, and it can be frustrating at times since you are not used to this new pattern. Focus on deadlines, and put your priorities in order. Yes, sometimes you need a break and playtime does not necessarily need to be the last priority on your list. This is something to think about.

Having fun is also not the first priority on your list if you have work that needs to get done. Set some time aside to finish your number one priority and reward yourself by having fun with friends later. Remember, one drink can lead to another and can result in diminishing the other priorities on your list. Refrain from drinking as if you were back in college, you’ll wake up with a hangover and zero work completed. Instead, try to set some time to complete work and other errands, and then find some time for yourself.

Set Goals To Fill Your Extra Time

You are in the real world now. You have plenty of things to do besides your career and drinking. What would you like to accomplish in life? Where do you see yourself in five years, and how are you going to achieve this? Set little goals for yourself and always try to work towards them. If you have no goals, your old drinking routines will come back to fill those empty time slots, leaving you stagnant in life.

Understand That Drinking Has Consequences

In college it was easy to skip class after a hangover without penalty. In the real world, it doesn’t work that way. Not coming to work because of a hangover is not a good excuse. You don’t get paid when you don’t come to work and no money = no funds.

Another thing to think about is how your body is changing at this time. Your metabolism slows as you age and waking up with a six pack after a heavy night of drinking can easy deteriorate if you keep it up past college. If you do occasionally drink, drink to enjoy your time with friends, not to get belligerent. Your body and mind will thank you the very next day!

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