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You Don’t Have To Drink On Cinco de Mayo

Americans have turned several dates on the calendar, like Cinco de Mayo, into “drinking holidays.” On these days, many decide to become intoxicated. Bars across the country are filled, as are streets in busy downtowns. Unfortunately, for those in sobriety, these celebrations can serve as triggers for relapse, or at the very least a reminder that they are now no longer a part of a lifestyle that they once participated in.

Luckily, you have many sober options this Cinco de Mayo that won’t require you to break your sobriety or feel like “an other.” Here are a few.

Have A “You” Night

Life can be incredibly stressful. Chances are, you have more demands placed on you than you can, or at least want to, handle. You have to give so much of yourself to other people, whether they are family, friends, or co-workers. Sometimes, you need to take care of yourself.

Rather than going out or doing anything, why not take Cinco de Mayo as a “you” night. Treat yourself to something that you really want, whether that be a nice trip to the spa or just a relaxing bubble bath. Take some time to try a new hobby or finish a book. Maybe you can work out or try meditation. Whatever it is that will relax you and calm you (while maintaining sobriety) will work. Self-love and self-care are important. Why not use this opportunity?

Have A Homemade Mexican Dinner

If you want to have a Mexican-themed night to celebrate the holiday, but you don’t want to deal with the crowds at every Mexican restaurant or the temptation to drink? Why not make a homemade Mexican dinner? Find a recipe online or in your favorite cookbook, head out to the store, and get your ingredients. You can either make an old favorite that you’ve made many times before, or you can try something entirely new. There are thousands of delicious Mexican recipes out there waiting for you to try.

Have A Movie Marathon

Sometimes the best way to escape temptation is through the escape of cinema. If you want to go for a theme, you could binge watch movies that take place in Mexico, from Coco to Desperado. Or, you could go in an entirely different direction. If Harry Potter is your thing, see how many movies you can watch in a sitting. Since Cinco de Mayo follows Star Wars Day (May the 4th be with you), why not watch one of the trilogies? You can watch movies you’ve seen a thousand times before, ones you’ve always wanted to check out but have never gotten a chance to, or a mix. You can even randomly select something from Netflix or Redbox. You have thousands of options to choose from.

Have A Sober Party

If you don’t want to spend the evening alone, why not throw your own sober celebration? Invite your sober friends, or at least friends who will support your recovery by staying sober for an evening, and have a blast. You can even combine a Mexican dinner, a movie marathon, and a party all in one. You know that you can have fun and socialize while remaining sober any other night; why should this one be any different? Maintaining relationships with the people who are most helpful and supportive of your sobriety is one of the most important things that you can do to preserve your recovery. Cinco de Mayo is a great opportunity to turn a holiday that glamorizes drinking into one that celebrates recovery with those closest to you.

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