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What Are The Deadliest States To Drink In?

Intoxication from alcohol can make you confident, giddy, like you’re on top of the world. Alcohol can also influence lack of judgement, engagement in risky behaviors, and committing serious crimes. All over the U.S., there are deadly accidents, high crime rates, and life-changing arrests all due to the mere liquid we drink known as alcohol. Alcohol is the agent of several unfortunate consequences, many spreading in high numbers throughout each state. An average of 88,000 people suffer alcohol-related deaths each year in the United States. Is your state one of the deadliest to drink in? Find out below.

State With The Highest Alcohol-Related Death Rate

New Mexico has struggled with alcohol for some time now. Since 1997, they have kept the lead for the nation’s highest alcohol-related death rate. 1 in 6 deaths in New Mexico are alcohol-related, a whopping 16.4% of deaths. Disease, crime, alcohol dependence, and alcohol-related injuries such as car crashes, homicide, and suicide all play a part in New Mexico’s high alcohol-related mortality rate.

New Mexico’s cold climate can possibly contribute to the rise of its alcohol-related death rate. Cases of drunken adults sprawled across the fields of New Mexico dead from hypothermia are sadly an annual reporting. The city of Gallup survives on its liquor license and promotes the closest access to alcohol from the Navajo Nation, where alcohol is banned, right across the way. Sadly, this city will never see the alcohol ban its neighbor follows because of the amount of profit alcohol brings in, putting more people at risk every year from alcohol-related accidents and deaths.

State With The Highest DUI Rate

Drunk driving accidents take more than 10,000 lives every year and are costing the nation an average of $44 Billion per year. Which state has the highest rate of DUI’s? Among the 4.2 million Americans that have willingly admitted to driving under the influence in March of 2017, North Dakota has given out the most DUI arrests with 90.12 arrests per 10,000 people or 1 in every 100 people.  South Dakota comes in a close second with 70.21 arrests per 10,000 people.

State With The Most Underage Drinking

Underage drinking might not seem like a deadly action, but in reality, it can be the deadliest. Peer pressure can push someone to drink for the first time, but the dependency of your brain can keep pushing you to drink for the rest of your life. The earlier you start, the more your internal organs will be affected, slowly developing problems and creating drinking patterns over time. Among a ten-state study that surveyed teens on their drinking habits, 23.5% admitted to underage drinking. In Arizona, that number rose to 26.5%. Another study showed Arizona was the second-highest percentage for suicide contemplation. This 18.7% of people with suicidal thoughts were among the same age group of teens who participated in underage drinking. Still think underage drinking isn’t deadly? Think again.

State With The Highest Binge Drinking Rates

Binge drinking can put you at risk for memory loss, assault, and even disease. The definition of binge drinking is drinking four or more drinks for women within two hours while for men it is drinking five or more drinks within two hours. Wisconsin holds the highest rate of adults who have reported binge drinking, with a whopping 26.2%. Misperceptions of what binge drinking is can alter these statistics. Many believe binge drinking is normal and make it a part of their daily outings. College-aged adults are especially at risk for binge drinking since they tend to go out and drink with their friends more often than older adults. With the University of Wisconsin-Madison earning the title as the top party school in 2017, its blatantly unsurprising Wisconsin has a new title for the state with the highest binge drinking rate.

State With The Highest Alcohol Poisoning Death Rates

Around six people die every day in the nation due to alcohol poisoning. Tolerance plays a heavy role in how many drinks your body is capable of before your blood alcohol content (BAC) reaches a toxic level; however, everyone is at risk for alcohol poisoning when consuming a large amount of alcohol in a relatively short period of time. Alaska ranks as the state with the highest alcohol poisoning death rate with a rate of 46.5 deaths per million inhabitants. Darkness spreads across Alaska for six months out of the year, making drinking a common activity to cope with the depression the lack of sunshine brings to its inhabitants.

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Being aware of these statistics can help prevent your wild nights from succumbing to an extension of the batch. Remember, drinking can cause any of these unfortunate outcomes anywhere you decide to drink and can carry risks with you everywhere you go. Be responsible of how much you drink and take responsibility of when it’s time to stop. Alcohol can affect you physically and mentally, but it can also affect relationships, your career, and your future.

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