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Like most of the cities in the Northeast, Albany is struggling to slow down the flow of drugs into the city and treat the damage caused by the ones already in the city. Opioid-related deaths were starting to plateau in Albany in the final years of the 2010s, but the COVID-19 pandemic has caused people struggling with substance use disorders everywhere to relapse and sometimes overdose. Albany officials also point to the presence of fentanyl which was found in 88% of all people found overdosed in 2020. First responders and people in Albany trying to save lives are cautioning people from using heroin or pills alone based on the fact that so many of these products contain fentanyl even if they don’t indicate it. These risks are dangerous, but city officials point out that asking people to adhere to abstinence only treatment plans while alone during a pandemic isn’t realistic. Albany organizations geared towards helping people beat addiction are trying to get people the supplies they need in order to hold themselves over until it’s safer to get treatment. If you find yourself in this situation where you’re trying to either maintain sobriety in the face of stress and lack of support, there are online resources for group meetings if you cannot meet with treatment professionals in person. You may be physically isolated, but you don’t have to face addiction alone.

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