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Asheville finds itself in the most hard-hit part of the country when it comes to opioids. Appalachian states saw unprecedented amounts of prescription opioids pushed through their cities and towns. It wasn’t until 2017 when fentanyl related deaths overtook prescription deaths in North Carolina. To add some perspective, Buncombe county, Asheville’s home, has a population of around 260,000. That county alone saw the prescription of 17 million painkillers in 2016 alone. That’s just over 65 pills per person all at once. And given this level of rampant prescription, the fact that fentanyl was able to overtake 17 million pills is a true testament to how available and addictive it is. Outside of the opioid epidemic, meth has reached Asheville and law enforcement are taking it very seriously. A huge wave of meth trafficking has engulfed the Midwest and many other states around the country. In Asheville alone, there are a variety of news stories of police officers performing drug busts that turn up tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollars in meth.

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