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Alabama is known for many things like its football teams and unique accent. Yet, one of the state's proudest joys is its capital Birmingham. Birmingham is the largest city in Alabama and home to almost one million people. The southern metropolis is a national leader in urban green spaces. The town is best known for being the first city to recognize Veterans Day and its prominent role in America's Civil Rights Movement. Birmingham wears many shoes as a historical and innovative city. Still, what many do not know is that the city is battling a severe public health crisis. Like most cities across the nation, Birmingham's residents are in the middle of an unprecedented opioid epidemic. In 2010 the state of Alabama had the highest rate of drug abuse in the United States. After crackdowns on overprescribing, many individuals turned to Heroin instead of pills. The new regulations led to a 116.3% increase in Fentanyl-related deaths in 2016 and 22 deaths due to Meth overdose. In recent years, Alabama's overprescribing rate is still high at twofold greater than the national average (97.5 opioid prescriptions for every 100 people vs. 51.4 per 100 people). Naturally, Birmingham also has high rates of drug abuse, but there is hope. There are treatment centers ready to support anyone battling addiction. Check out some nearby facilities.

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