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Boston, Massachusetts is one of original 13 colonies and is still a major city today. It is now a mixture of historical and modern buildings, as well as being know for the Boston marathon. In the Boston area, over 23% of people aged 12 or older participated in binge drinking in the past month. One study found that Massachusetts has a very high rate of underage drinkers. Almost 29% of people aged 12 to 20 in the state drank alcohol illegally. Over 19% of this age group also reported that they binge drank. Underage drinking can not only lead to legal problems, but it can also lead to health issues and put young people in dangerous or compromising situations. The earlier someone starts drinking alcohol, the more likely it is that they will develop an alcohol use disorder. Binge drinking also puts people at risk for accidental injuries and unsafe sex. However, there are treatment options in the Boston area that can support someone even if they have been drinking since their youth. Discover your treatment options today and get the tools to overcome alcoholism.

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