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Behind New York City, Buffalo is the second largest city in the state. Its population makes up a large portion of Erie county, and the area sees a lot of tourism because of its proximity to Niagara Falls. Unfortunately, Buffalo also experiences large amounts of substance use disorders and the associated crime. Opioids prove to be problematic in Buffalo and its surrounding counties. Nearly 44% of the overdoses occurred in the city, while the remainder took place in the rural parts of the county. The opioid epidemic is relatively unique in that it affects both city populations and rural populations to similar degrees. Meth has also begun to grow in popularity in Buffalo. As a cheap and addictive drug, it’s a perfect candidate to replace opioids as law enforcement and city officials work more diligently to cut down on opioid use. Buffalo police have performed multiple raids on meth labs and meth distribution centers in order to attack the supply chain completely. Many states have found success in shutting down labs, but as demand grew, cartels in Mexico began picking up the slack in production and expanded their efforts in trafficking. These drugs and others like them have killed many people, especially in cities like Buffalo. If you currently struggle with these issues, please reach out to a treatment center for help and information.

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