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Charlotte is the largest city in North Carolina and it’s home to the state’s primary football and basketball teams as well as cultural institutions like the Charlotte Ballet. From 2004 to 2014, it was the fastest growing city in the US and boasted a large influx of working millennials who all helped saturate the economy of Charlotte. Unfortunately, like the rest of the cities in the state and in surrounding states, drugs are an extreme issue. North Carolina suffered some of the worst pill prescribing in the country, where communities of tens of thousands were seeing millions of pills pass through. Many tiers of government, from state to city, pushed hard against opioids in order to protect their citizens. A Charlotte doctor was arrested and saw jail time due to his culpability in the act of prescribing opioids overly aggressively. As opioid legislation takes effect, overdose deaths have begun to fall, but in recent times meth has been doing its best to set new records in Charlotte. Charlotte in particular is an extremely large node in the meth trafficking craze. DEA specialists say that millions of dollars in cartel drugs are flowing in and out of the city regularly to be distributed throughout the state and into the Northeast. It’s clear that for the past 20 years, Charlotte has been pushing to protect its citizens from these drugs. If you are someone who fell through the cracks and now you need to be picked up with the help of someone else, reach out to a treatment center today.

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