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Columbus is the capital of Ohio and it has the second largest Midwest city population behind Chicago. Its diverse economy draws from industry, insurance, government, banking and more. The diverse economy is unfortunately analogous to the diverse set of problems related to substance use disorders throughout the city. In a study of the drug preferences of people living in the Columbus region of Ohio, It was found that the city faces many of the same drug patterns as other cities in Ohio and the surrounding states. When asked which drugs they used in the past 6 months, alcohol came out on top, followed by marijuana. Right behind marijuana are the 3 major problems that Columbus officials are trying to better manage. Fentanyl and heroin which were grouped together, and crack cocaine are all causing deaths at an increasing rate compared to previous years in Columbus’ primary Franklin County. In order to tackle this statewide issue, Ohio created a specific drug task force whose purpose is to find and seize illicit substances and accessory items. In 2020, just under $30 million worth of drugs and dealers’ guns and money were seized by officers throughout Ohio. Progress is being made, and luckily Columbus isn’t facing quite the same level of death and disruption due to substance use, but it’s still worth being warry about. Healing from a substance use disorder takes time and support, and those are things you can get from a qualified treatment provider in your area. If you need help, reach out to a professional to get yourself back on a healthier path.

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