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Near the Rocky Mountains is the snowy capital of Colorado, Denver. Founded in 1858, the town of Denver began with a humble population. Within 30 years, the village grew thanks to the flocks of people attracted to the Wild West's Gold Rush. Today, Denver is proudly known for many things besides its old Wild West stories. The city has the second-highest educated population in the United States. It is also considered one of America's emerging, sustainable cities. Denver has a colorful history, culture, and sights. Still, it's best known for being the first state to approve the recreational use of marijuana. Though recreational marijuana is legalized in Denver, drug abuse is still one of the city’s biggest challenges. For over 14-years, the rate of Opioid use in Denver has increased by 933%. With the current pandemic, loss of jobs, and social decline, the number of overdose cases are expected to rise. Numerous people are battling addiction alone, but there is help available. Treatment facilities are helping the city fight the public health crisis. If you or someone you know is battling addiction alone, check out some nearby options.

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