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While the East coast may be the most directly affected by the opioid epidemic, the West coast has by no means escaped it. Eugene is the second largest city in Oregon behind Portland and it’s seen more than enough of overdoses and hard drugs. Oregon struggled longer with prescription over the course of the past 20 years than many states. While pills were the common opioid of choice for a while, there were still many complications due to heroin use. Towards the end of 2020 Eugene had to deal with 13 overdoses in 24 hours, an unprecedented number anywhere, but especially in a city not necessarily known for the issues with opioids. Officials believe that whatever batch of heroin came in for sale and distribution. Eugene health officials also worry that the gradually increasing interest in methamphetamines may be problematic, not only as a drug on its own, but in a mixture with other drugs like opioids too. On the other side of legality, Oregon struggles with alcohol severely, especially when controlling for certain groups. Men are more likely than women to die due to alcohol consumption, to the point where Oregonian men are dying at a rate of 56 out of 100,000, whereas the nation’s average is 21 per 1000, 000. Even in cities that aren’t being crippled by the presence of drugs it’s a problem. There needs to be a consensus that it’s encouraged to seek help and not a sign of weakness. Managing addiction isn’t something to be taken lightly as a matter of will power, some chemical dependencies are dangerous to your health and would greatly benefit from a treatment specialist getting involved. Reach out to a treatment center today if you need help.

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