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Fort Wayne is a city in Indiana with a population of 267,633. It is located in Allen County and makes up 16% of Allen County. The rest of Allen County is comprised of small towns and nature preserves, as 65% of the county is agricultural land. An examination of overdose deaths in Allen County found that alcohol was found in 34% of people’s systems who had died. Some of these people may have also combined alcohol with other drugs, increasing their risk of overdose. In a single year, underage drinking cost Indiana $1.3 billion, with underage drinkers consuming over 17% of the alcohol sold in Indiana. Underage drinking may be a predictive factor in someone developing an alcohol use disorder later in life. The younger the age of the first drink, the more likely someone is to develop a disorder as an adult. There are drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers near Fort Wayne, Indiana that can serve people of all ages and help them get back on the right path towards a sober and fulfilling life. Learn more about treatment centers today.

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