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Harrisburg is not the largest city in Pennsylvania, but it is the capital. Like the other cities in Pennsylvania, Harrisburg has been hit hard by the opioid epidemic. The city is positioned towards the middle of the state and major roads bridging the Eastern and Western halves of Pennsylvania pass by Harrisburg. This kind of connectivity opens up the city to drug trafficking and distribution. Within the past few years, opioid use and subsequently opioid related overdose deaths have started to plateau and even decline slightly. Where that is not the case is with meth and cocaine. The entire state is seeing a growing demand for meth, and as of 2020, the primary pipeline of meth in the US is sourcing from Mexico and trafficking to destination. Meth labs are no longer as popular or possible because of the changes to prescription medications required to synthesize meth. Pennsylvania is also home to 11 out of the 25 top schools for drug and alcohol related charges for students. Harrisburg has its own college and is surrounded by large schools with reputations for partying. “Party schools” like this in and around Harrisburg can essentially function as binge drinking machines for students who feel as though they have to splurge and drink as much as possible as they develop independence or just to unwind from classes. This kind of drinking is bad for your physical health because binge drinking can lead to physical injury, and it’s mentally exhausting if done too frequently. If you or someone you know is struggling to shake a dependency or addiction, contact a local treatment facility for help.

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