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Hartford is one of America's oldest cities and the capital of Connecticut. It was founded in 1635 by 100 Puritans and was the home of the famous author Mark Twain. The historic town has more than 125,000 citizens and 17 diverse neighborhoods. Over the years, the multifaceted village became one of the nation's wealthiest, accommodating some of Connecticut's largest corporations. Though Hartford used to be prospering financially, the city has now become the most dangerous city in Connecticut. Based on the FBI's recent statistics, Hartford has the state's highest crime rates. These increased numbers are due to several reasons. Still, they are highly correlated with the misuse of prescription medications and Opioid-based drugs. The increased abuse of narcotics has made Hartford one of America's epicenters for drug abuse. The state is considered to have the 7th worst drug problem in the country. Hartford may be dealing with one of the worst health crises it has ever seen, but there is hope. The city has dedicated and prepared treatment centers ready to help its citizens. These facilities are committed to tackling any addiction disorder. Check out some options in the area.

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