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Honolulu is the capital city of Hawaii, located on the island of Oahu. The city offers nightlife and dining options, museums, and beautiful nature scenery, as well as the option to visit volcanoes for an exciting excursion. In Honolulu, 19.2% of adults reported binge drinking in a single year, and 15% of youth reported that they drank alcohol before the age of 13. Almost 38% of youth stated that someone giving them alcohol was the usual way that they obtained alcohol. Concerningly, 5.2% of adults in Honolulu said that they endorsed drinking and driving. Hawaii has a higher rate of adults who reported driving after drinking too much than the national average, with 2.9% in Hawaii and 1.9% across the rest of America. Drinking and driving and suffering legal consequences because of alcohol can be a sign that someone is suffering from an alcohol use disorder. There are alcohol rehabilitation centers located in Honolulu, as well as ones in the surrounding areas. Whether someone is seeking destination rehab options in Honolulu, Hawaii, or if they already live in the area, there are a variety of centers to choose from. Learn more today.

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