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Jersey City is the second largest city in New Jersey and it’s an important trade hub in the Northeast part of the state. As part of the New York metropolitan area, Jersey City functions as a satellite city around New York City. Many people move to Jersey City and commute to NYC for work, which is what necessitated the construction of the infrastructure connecting the two cities. Development in Jersey City reinvigorated the economy and created a banking and finance boom leading to the nickname “wall street west”. Unfortunately, like most Northeastern cities, Jersey City struggles with drug use. Within Hudson County, Jersey City makes up for nearly half of the population of people suffering from substance use disorders who are seeking help. Studies surrounding drug related deaths show that heroin made up the bulk of overdose deaths since the early 2010s, but after 2014 fentanyl exploded in the Northeast and quickly overtook heroin going into 2018. Drug deaths due to opioids were trending downward up to this point when the opioid epidemic was unfortunately prolonged due to these dangerous synthetic opioids. If you’re struggling with opioids or any substance in Jersey City, please reach out to a treatment provider for help. Addiction is a serious disease and trying to manage it alone can be life threatening.

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