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Alaska is the kind of state that worldwide adventurers dream of visiting. The terrain is rugged, full of incredible wildlife and majestic landscapes. Amid all that beauty is the state's capital, Juneau. What makes Juneau so unique is that, unlike other parts of Alaska, the city has mild winters and lovely summers. It’s fantastic weather attracts more than a million tourists on cruise ships annually. Unfortunately, though the city has about 6,000 daily visitors in May and September, many residents spend most of their time in solitude. This solitude is one of the many reasons why Juneau is battling a severe addiction problem. The city of Juneau has over 32,000 residents and accounts for about 15% of Alaska's Heroin-related deaths. The high rates of drug abuse are partially due to loneliness as well as over-prescribing. Experts estimate that about 200 people are currently battling a Heroin addiction. Like most cities around the United States, Juneau faces a severe Opioid problem, but there is hope. The town has several addiction treatment centers available to help. Check out some local options.

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