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Las Cruces unfortunately inherits many of the statewide drug problems in New Mexico. As the second largest city in the state, the population is put at higher risk for substance use because the city is seen as an opportunity for drug traffickers. Its proximity to the border doesn’t help because recent years have seen an increase in drug traffic from Mexico as meth’s popularity has risen. Previously Las Cruces struggled most with opioids. Statewide and citywide changes were made to curb prescription access and heroin distribution, but as opioid use has started to decline, meth popularity filled the gap. Drug use epidemiologists in the state discussed different drug issues with police and police made it clear that meth was becoming the largest issue to deal with. Overdose deaths throughout the state are rising due to the meth boom, and trafficking from cartels is fueling people with substance use disorders. Dealing with these disorders is best done with help, so if you or someone you know is struggling, please contact a qualified treatment center in order to tackle this health issue with professionals.

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