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Near Yosemite National Park is the city of Modesto. The fertile metropolis is located in California's Central Valley and has a vast agricultural industry. Its enriched farmland provides our nation staples like lettuce, almonds, and milk. Grapes are so abundant in Modesto that winemaking is a significant tradition in the county. Modesto has some of the best wines in the country and the largest winery in the world. Still, it is also notorious for its high rates of substance abuse. Modesto is battling a substance abuse and alcohol epidemic. From 2011 to 2015, almost 28% of fatal car accidents were due to alcohol abuse. Their number of drug-related hospitalizations are also high. For every 100,000 hospital admissions of young adults, 1,035 were related to substance abuse. The city is in the middle of a widespread public health crisis. Fortunately, there are treatment centers available to help. Check out some nearby facilities.

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