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New York is one of the cultural centers of the US with a population of nearly 9 million people. Though its gigantic population and diverse citizenry make it unique, it still struggles with many of the same substance issues as small towns in the Midwest. As the home of the largest port in the US that brings in more traffic than any other in the country, New York is uniquely vulnerable to drug trafficking tactics. As the opioid epidemic has changed, people in the city are less able to procure the prescriptions that started it off before 2000. This availability issue led to the popularity of heroin and eventually fentanyl. Illicit opioids were not only more available by volume in New York City, they were cheaper too. Overdose death rate shot up as fentanyl exploded in the Northeastern cities. Approaching 2020, use seemed to be slowing down, and it was, but the police are wary of other drugs gaining popularity. Meth is currently the problematic substance as large quantities of it are coming across the border from Mexico and being distributed throughout the US. Quarantines due to COVID-19 have started to slow down supply from outside the country as travel is cut down. This could mean that once travel is reestablished, there will be a huge volume of drugs coming back on the market as they’ve been stockpiling in Mexico. If you’re someone facing down addiction, know that you don’t have to do it alone. Any substance that you have a problem regulating is dangerous, regardless of legality. Reach out for help at a treatment center today.

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