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As the largest city in New Jersey, Newark functions as an economic hub in the area. Infrastructure like the Newark airport led to the city’s role in shipping goods throughout the Northeast. Its proximity to NYC makes it a large part of the interstate commerce between New Jersey and New York. People will often live in Newark and commute into New York City because of how close the cities are. Unfortunately, like many large cities and shipping hubs, Newark is struggling with drug use. Like many cities in the Northeast, Newark is still battling the opioid epidemic. A study of people seeking treatment for substance use in Newark’s home county found that opioids were cited as the drug of choice for just under half of sampled people. Heroin and its synthetic counterpart fentanyl make up a lion’s share of the damage in the area. Essex County and Newark regularly record the largest numbers of deaths in the state and so making sure that you and your loved ones are taking the issue seriously is paramount. Managing a substance use disorder alone can be dangerous and even deadly, especially if it’s with a drug like fentanyl. Don’t wait to get help with your substance use disorder, contact a treatment provider today.

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