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Portland is the largest city in Oregon and along with Seattle, it represents the big tech business meets outdoors, mountainous locale. While the city is much larger than others in Oregon, Portland follows a similar pattern of drug use as its in state neighbors. Throughout the course of the opioid epidemic, Oregon has had the most deaths due to prescription opioids rather than heroin or fentanyl. Fentanyl may pass prescription pills as we go into 2020 because in general, it’s more readily available. While generally Oregon falls below the national average for opioid deaths, the stress involved in COVID-19 is currently intensifying substance use problems. By March of 2020, when the pandemic started forcing people out of jobs and indoors, Oregon saw a 70% increase in overdoses. Portland has less to worry about in terms of opioids but should be duly worried about the rapid expansion of meth trafficking around the US. Meth was already a bigger threat to Portland before, and now it may get worse depending on how long it takes for the pandemic travel restrictions to ease. Each year meth causes more overdose deaths than opioids in Oregon, but the state seems to push harder for legislation punishing and seeking retribution from pharmaceutical companies for spurring on the opioid epidemic. Neither drug is good for the state and any progress is a step forward, which is an important lesson for healing an individual struggling with addiction as well. If you need help, ask for it. There are treatment centers that can provide the information necessary to help you begin recovery.

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