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Raleigh, also known as the city of oaks due to its abundance of oak trees, is the capital of North Carolina and one of the cities most impacted by drug use in the state. A comparison study between overdose deaths in 2005 and 2015 found that North Carolina’s death rate rose to 73% and the rate in Raleigh’s Wake County rose 77%. In both the 2005 data set and 2015, Raleigh measured the most deaths which paints a bleak picture of the capital. Moving into the 2020s and overdoses are once again more frequent because of the isolated conditions caused by quarantining for COVID-19. On top of the worsening opioid use, Raleigh law enforcement are working double time to try and shut down meth trafficking in Nash county. In years past, it was common to shut down meth labs trying to operate their own supply chain, but current meth supply usually comes from Mexican cartels who create massive amounts in order to ship it into the US. Shifts like these in drug availability can often cause spikes in people using and people overdosing. If you know someone who’s currently struggling against a substance use disorder and they have yet to get help, please reach out to a nearby treatment center. Professionals can offer advice and counsel for what steps may be the most appropriate.

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