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Located in the hills of Northern California is the tech-savvy city of San Jose. The fast-growing town is now the most populous city of Northern California, with over 1.03 million inhabitants. San Jose also has a median household income of $83,400 and is now one of California's fastest-growing economies. People worldwide aspire to live in San Jose to work among the geniuses in its Silicon Valley. This global hotspot is a high-tech leader and is considered one of the nation's best cities. Though San Jose is a wealthy and terrific city, it is still dealing with a huge drug problem. Like so many other cities, the growing city of San Jose is battling a substantial public health crisis. San Jose has some of the highest rates of drug and alcohol addiction in the state. The county of Santa Clara, which is home to San Jose, reported a 50% increase in drug overdoses in 2016. Within the last few years, drug overdoses have doubled and are now past 100%. San Jose's drug crisis is unsettling, but there is still hope. There are facilities all over the city prepared and ready to help. If you or someone you love is battling addiction, check out some nearby treatment centers today.

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