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Santa Fe has a rich history of ancient architecture, art, and cultural development. It’s the capital of New Mexico and unfortunately suffers from substance use issues far above the national average. Alcohol in particular is problematic for New Mexico as a whole. New Mexico’s alcohol related death rate in 2020 was 52.3 out of 100,000 which is nearly double the national rate of 27.4. Over the past 30 years, the state has scored well above the average number of deaths due to alcohol and it’s been getting steadily higher towards the 2020s. As a city of this state, Santa Fe reflects that poor performance in both alcohol and illicit substances. It took slightly longer to hit Santa Fe than the east coast, but in 2017, fentanyl started reaching the city. Local dealers cut heroin, which is already popular in Sana Fe, with the fentanyl to increase profits by shrinking the amount of drug they need to sell for powerful highs. The only issue is that fentanyl is so powerful that any slight miscalculation or irregularity could cost someone’s life. Sometimes people using the heroin don’t know that it has fentanyl in it, so they use their usual dose and end up going into respiratory arrest. When responding to overdose calls, law enforcement have to bring multiple naloxone inhalers because when accidentally ingesting too much fentanyl it may take more than one naloxone to reverse the overdose. Each experience taking heroin could be the last, and while the risk is lower, the same can be said for excessive binge drinking. Getting help with your drug habits before they do irreversible damage is imperative in hopefully avoiding that damage forever. If you are struggling or someone you know is, please reach out to a local treatment center for information and help. You’re worth it.

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