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Springfield is the capital city of Illinois with a population of 114,694 and it is one of the safest cities in the state to live in. However, even the safest cities are not exempt from the reach of drug and alcohol addiction. In Illinois, 22% of high school students and 23% of adults reported that they binge drank. The risks that come with binge drinking are many, such as an increased risk of driving under the influence, suicide, unsafe sex, heart attack, and alcohol poisoning. Across the state, excessive alcohol use cost $9.3 billion in a single year. Over 14 million American adults have an alcohol use disorder, as this powerful substance can impact people from all walks of life. Overcoming an alcohol addiction can be difficult and sometimes dangerous if the detox is not done properly. Undergoing a supervised detox and professional treatment can help someone take control of life. Discover treatment options near Springfield, Illinois today.

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