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Tucked away in the Northwestern corner of Ohio, Toledo functions as one of the largest Great Lakes port cities. The city had record growth during after industrialization and benefited greatly from increasingly robust infrastructure connecting other large cities. It is precisely this kind of infrastructure that Toledo law enforcement find themselves patrolling in hopes to slow the tide of drug trafficking into Northwestern Ohio. In a regional survey of drug use with 40 participants, it was found that the most popular substances were Marijuana, Alcohol, Crack Cocaine, Fentanyl/Heroin, and Powdered Cocaine.Drug busts and seizures have become a higher priority for law enforcement as drug trafficking becomes more popular than domestic drug production. In 2021, Toledo officers busted two dealers and seized nearly $500,000 worth of drugs including crystal meth, meth powder, fentanyl, and marijuana. The fentanyl is worth over $8,000 for 1.5oz because .1oz, one tenth of an ounce, is enough to kill an adult. While less dramatic, legal substances like alcohol are not to be ignored. Lucas county, which encompasses Toledo, has reported binge drinking at rates much higher than Ohio which is already above the national average. Adult Toledoans report binge drinking at a rate 8% higher than the national average. Binge drinking is a dangerous habit to form and avoiding dependence on alcohol or any of the substances discussed is ideal. If you or someone you know depend on a substance, please reach out to a treatment provider for help.

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