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Trenton is not the largest city in New Jersey, but it is the capital city and the seat of Mercer County. Like many northeaster cities, Trenton relied heavily on manufacturing well into the 20th century and struggled once those jobs started to disappear. Economic insecurity like this can sew generational seeds that affect people long after the period of time when the jobs were lost. This can disadvantage people when it comes to things like drug use, which seems to be the case in Trenton. Substance use and drug trafficking are issues Trenton has been trying to combat for years. Its proximity to both Philadelphia and New York City means that Trenton is frequently passed through by drug traffickers on their way between the larger cities. Opioids are far and away the most problematic substance in the city with nearly half of all people seeking drug treatment citing opioids as their drug of choice. Alcohol is also problematic, which is especially troubling given the opioid issue. When mixed, these two substances heighten the likelihood of overdose which leads to the high demand for the overdose-reversing drug Narcan. If you want to avoid overdosing or help someone you know avoid that fate, please consult a qualified treatment provider near you. You don’t have to try and face substance use disorder alone.

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