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Tulsa is a city with a rich and sordid past. Hailed as the birthplace of Route 66, Tulsa served as an important stop on that marvel of modern infrastructure for travelers driving between Chicago and Los Angeles. It’s connectedness and reputation as a town for visitors may have something to do with the substance use issues that the city faces. Throughout the 20 years of opioid epidemic Oklahoma faced, it seems as though Tulsa suffered the most before 2010. Once past 2010, the amount of opioid deaths began to decline, and Tulsa passed below the state average and the national average. Where Tulsa was lucky in avoiding the fate that many northeastern and Appalachian states faced when combatting the opioid epidemic, it certainly struggles more with meth than many states. Experts in the field of studying recreational drug use have found that within the next few years, meth will be second only to fentanyl in overdose deaths caused. Though it’s not always one or the other, nearly half the deaths involving meth nationwide in 2017, also involved opioids. And on top of all this, alcohol is still the most popular substance in the country, and Tulsa is no different. Oklahoma has been slow in the past to make the necessary changes to reduce their drunk driving deaths, reduce alcohol poisoning, and reduce underage drinking. It can be hard to address substance use when it’s a grey area like alcohol. Social drinking is fine, but often times people find themselves binge drinking in the American drinking dynamic. If you do this regularly, you’re putting your mental and physical health at risk. Forming chemical dependencies leads quickly to addiction and more serious effects, so if you’re stuck in this cycle with any substance, please reach out to a qualified treatment provider for help.

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