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About Beach House Center for Recovery

Beach House Rehabilitation Center is a state of the art licensed residential treatment facility offering patients a spiritual and loving approach to empowering their healing journey. Beach House has a highly compassionate, loving, and knowledgeable staff of doctors, nurses, and therapists always available to assist patients. All patients are given assessments upon arrival to determine their healing needs, and then offered quality recovery plans with a gentle and spiritual approach. Unique treatment plans follow a 3-tier healing modality of physical, clinical, and spiritual focuses, healing patients from the inside out.

Beach House Rehabilitation Center is located in Jupiter, Florida, covering 64,000 square feet. Minutes away from the ocean, Beach House is surrounded by the local quaint restaurants and shops and a warm community, with luxurious amenities for patients in recovery. There are plenty of beds to accommodate new patients. Beach House provides televisions and game rooms, yoga rooms, spacious detox rooms, massage therapists on site, a doctor’s office with 24-hour medical care, and patient community events for greater relationship-building. Patients have access to a pool and basketball courts for their leisure.

All treatments are done in house, and combine cutting-edge medical practice and natural healing practices. Beach House offers 5 main modalities of healing to ensure the success of each patient admitted. Treatments focus on trauma resolution, spirituality and core change, self-love and living one’s authentic life, 12-step facilitation, and rebuilding healthy relationships. Other alternative treatments are implemented such as art therapy, bio-feedback, individual therapy, and yoga. All modalities of therapy are constructed to ensure optimal healing with a loving and connective core, encouraging patients’ self-awareness and sense of community. Patients can also be sure to gain one-on-one care due to a balanced patient-therapist ratio, empowering patients to transform their lives from addiction to recovery.


  • Love and Connection for a personalized care
  • Compassionate and Knowledgeable Staff
  • Traditional and Cutting-Edge Treatments
  • Core-Healing Therapies
  • Spiritual Integration for Inner Healing


  • Swimming Pool
  • Game Rooms
  • Yoga and Fitness Rooms
  • Quaint Location
  • 60,000 square footage
  • Comfortable Patient Rooms
  • Large Cafeteria
  • Community-building events
  • Basketball Courts
  • Onsite Massage Therapist


  • Anger Management
  • Art Therapy
  • Trauma Resolution
  • Relapse Prevention
  • Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT)
  • Art Therapy


  • No Pets
  • Certain Items Prohibited

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