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About Cross Creek Hospital

Cross Creek Hospital offers a compassionate and helpful atmosphere where highly skilled professionals provide a comprehensive treatment for individuals who struggle with mental, emotional, and behavioral concerns. Located in northeast Austin, Texas near Walnut Creek, our brand-new treatment center is a peaceful, serene setting where our patients can relax and take part in a number of activities. Our facilities, available to everyone from adolescents to seniors, are comprised of 8 different units. This allows all our patients to enjoy comfortable stays, surrounded by peers of the same age who are faced with similar concerns.

At Cross Creek Hospital we recognize the delicate nature that lies behind someone’s challenges. That is why our staff aims to provide a personal touch in each one of our patients care. Inpatients entrusted to Cross Creek can expect a personalized, holistic treatment plan delivered with genuine concern and compassion. Each person that comes through our doors is just that: a person. A person who deserves to be treated with respect and dignity. That’s why our mission is to reduce their symptoms so that their overall quality of life can greatly progress.

Cross Creek approach to treatment includes progressive, evidence-based therapeutic interventions and holistic therapies. All patients will receive their own, personalized treatment plan that is drawn from the patient’s input. Treatments we provide include: inpatient treatment, adolescent treatment, partial hospitalization, detoxification, mental health treatment, and psychiatric treatment.

We understand how important of a decision it is to seek help and how much worry it can create. That’s why we’re devoted to making your first steps as easy as possible. Our goal is to make sure that you or your loved one have all the essential information about our services, what disorders we treat, and the different kinds of patients we take care of. We don’t want to just get you in, we want you to make a knowledgeable decision for long-term success. We strive to set the standard of excellence in treatment of mental health and addiction disorders. We are here to help you rediscover the happy future you deserve.


  • Behavioral Issues|Mood Disorders|Alzheimer's|Dual Diagnosis|Elderly Persons Disorders|Impulse Control Disorders|Personality DIsorders


  • Private setting |Gym


  • Individual Therapy|Group Therapy|Art Therapy|Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)|Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)|Experiential Therapies|Interpersonal

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