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About Palm Beach Institute

Possessing nearly 50 years of addiction treatment experience, The Palm Beach Institute, originally opened in 1970, was the first private addiction treatment facility in Florida. PBI is a leader in 12-step based residential treatment as well as offering a variety of treatment services such as medical detox, residential treatment, alumni services, and family programs. At PBI, we strive to provide the absolute best in individualized therapy as well as utilizing multidisciplinary treatment methods. Whether you are participating in our inpatient treatment, transitional treatment, or aftercare treatment, both your addiction and co-occurring disorder will be addressed in depth.

Our facility possesses a variety of accreditations from the Joint Commission and the Florida Department of Children and Families, which ensures quality of treatment as well as maintaining clinical excellence in our standards of operation.  The Palm Beach Institute is also a member of the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers, which provides quality control guidance and sets a high quality standard among all of its members.

Should your journey at PBI begin with admission to our on-site medical detox facility that includes the use of effective detox medications, around the clock, our certified and experienced staff members will provide medical assistance and monitoring.

After completion of your medical detox, you will be stepped down into our residential treatment program, which offers evidence based 12-step principles incorporated into our treatment model. We offer extensive individual and group therapies, peer support, anger management, as well as highly effective relapse prevention therapy. Our transitional level of treatment allows for further freedom for our clients while still maintaining a strict regiment of 12-step based treatment that includes attendance of 12-step meetings. Thanks to our highly effective transitional treatment program, clients can gradually assimilate back into their daily lives while still being provided structure and clinical support evading propensity for relapse. We also provide aftercare to our inpatient program graduates, which supplies continued group and individual therapy sessions, further assisting the client in their quest for sobriety and recovery. Our family program integrates family members into our clients’ treatment program by providing addiction lectures, group therapy, education on coping-skills, and further information on the 12-step programs. We believe that the integration of family members into the treatment process not only strengthens the family bond, but provides even more support to the client fortifying their program of recovery even further.

Our staff consists of highly trained and credentialed individuals. The therapists, mental health counselors, licensed drug and alcohol counselors, registered nurse, and case manager all uphold master’s level certifications.

Our homey and relaxing residential facility is mere minutes from the ocean and provides safety and sanctuary among beautiful tropical vegetation for our clients to enjoy. All common areas and bedrooms are shared, but in an appropriate ratio that is not overwhelming to the client.


  • Adults
  • Female
  • Male
  • Young adults
  • Family Therapy
  • Individual Care Plans
  • Relapse Prevention
  • Isolating the Root Cause of Addiction


  • Must be 18 Years or Older to Attended
  • Cell Phone and Laptop Use Limited
  • No Animals
  • No Clothing that Promotes Drug or Alcohol Use

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