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Colorado's scenery of ice-capped mountains makes it a popular destination for ski lovers. Similarly, it is also known for being a marijuana-friendly destination with edibles available for use. Aside from marijuana abuse, Colorado has witnessed high numbers of prescription drug abuse, transitioning to Opioid abuse in recent years. Sadly, the high numbers of prescription medications used in Colorado have earned it the reputation of being sixth hardest-hit state for drug-related hospital admissions. Alcohol abuse is common, as is heroin abuse in some Colorado cities. Meth contributed to one-third of all treatment center admissions in previous years. There is hope. Colorado offers facilities that cater to the needs of their patients. Those who cannot spend much time on site, but want to gain treatment, can opt for outpatient treatment. Those who prefer hands-on care around the clock, with medically assisted detox can opt for inpatient treatment. Check out local facilities and begin your healing.

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