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Georgia has a rich history of civil rights and, in recent years, a reputation for popular musicians and producers. The city of Atlanta is constantly expanding due to more volume and exciting opportunities. Despite this, Georgia is not immune to public health concerns like the Opioid crisis. Heroin abuse increased by 300% in 2010, increasing to 873 in 2014. The heroin triangle is a phenomenon occurring in Fulton, Cobb and Dekalb counties, which have high rates of young people dying from heroin overdoses. The triangular reference alludes to the proximity of cities impacted by unfortunate numbers of heroin abuse. Other substances like meth, alcohol and cocaine are abused as well. There is a large array of treatment facilities available to help those in need. Additionally, considerations like religion, gender, diet and personal references can be made for each patient. Start exploring options and take control of your life.

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