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In the North Pacific Ocean in Micronesia rests the resilient island of Guam. Guam is best known for being the center place for strategic military and economic positions between Asia and North America. The island is a major tourist destination filled with culture, exotic food, and a diverse landscape. Guam is so small at only 32 miles long and at the most 8 miles wide that having a GPS is unnecessary since the island's main road can take you wherever you want to go. Unfortunately, although there are advantages to being small, there are also disadvantages. Guam's size makes everything on the island easily accessible, even drugs. According to a report published in 2015, about 37% of high school students admitted to being offered, sold, or given an illicit drug. An epidemiological profile of the island also discovered that in 2016 about 12% of its adults were illegal active drug users. The prevalence of drugs and alcohol within the island is rampant. Fortunately, there are various addiction treatment centers in Guam ready to support the island's citizens. Check out some local options.

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