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While the sub-freezing winter temperatures may suggest otherwise, Maine boasts a healthy agricultural industry. Hearty crops like broccoli and potatoes are some of the state’s primary exports along with its famous penchant for lobster. Maine accounts for 90% of the country’s lobster stores and 90% of the toothpicks in the country. York, Maine was the United State’s first charted city in 1641. Like many of the Northeastern states, Maine struggles with opioid use and meth issues. After deaths due to cancer, Maine struggles most with overdose and cirrhosis of the liver. Like many states dealing with the opioid epidemic, use of prescription opioids and heroin have fallen, while synthetic opioid use has skyrocketed. While still costing lives, opioid use is slowly decreasing since 2018. Unfortunately, meth trafficking and meth use have both increased to fill the vacuum. Dealing with substance use disorders is incredibly difficult, but there is help if you need it at local treatment centers.

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