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Maryland is known for its robust fishing industry focusing on crabs, oysters, and striped bass. From the mid 20th century onward the state became less industrialized and more agricultural as large agricultural corporations bought up land in the less densely populated parts of the state. Locations like Baltimore and Ocean City, Maryland draw in crowds of tourists from surrounding states, especially land-locked states. Maryland is still dealing with the disastrous effects of the opioid epidemic. The timeline surrounding use of specific opioids follows a similar pattern of other states that continue to struggle with opioid use. Around 2015, the use of heroin fell precipitously as fentanyl flooded illegal markets and skyrocketed into popularity as a cheaper, more powerful alternative. The concentrated nature of fentanyl also meant that the drug was much more lethal to people dealing with substance use issues. Deaths due to mixing alcohol and fentanyl also spiked in the 2010s due to the rise of fentanyl. If you know someone affected by these substance use issues, or you yourself are struggling, do not hesitate to reach out for help. Treatment centers are available to provide help, you don’t have to do this alone.

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