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Surrounded and shaped by the Great Lakes, Michigan is a uniquely shaped state. It consists of 2 peninsulas split by the famous set of lakes on either side. Industrial development started early throughout the state, and in the larger cities, like Detroit, industry became the primary driver for decades. Michigan’s largest contribution to the nation, in an industrial sense, was the role it played as the country’s largest domestic automotive production center. In recent years, a lot of industry has moved out of the US to cut down on costs, and this greatly impacted the poor people living in cities throughout the state, especially Detroit. Reports from previous years as well as projections for the future show Michigan following the national average for alcohol related deaths closely. Overall, it falls below the average, which is good, but experts warn that worrying trends of binge drinking are still dangerous, especially when over 93,000 a year die from dangerous alcohol consumption in the US. Michigan also still struggles with opioid use throughout the state as 76% of drug overdoses involve opioids. If you or someone you know is currently struggling with any form of substance use disorder, reach out for help.

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