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In many ways, Mississippi still suffers from its history more than many states in the US. Mississippi is one of the poorest states in the country. Along the Mississippi River, the largest in the US, the state has developed an entertainment and tourism-based economy with casinos, hotels, and riverboat rides. Mississippi is a state where prescription opioids once reigned as most popular drugs for years which has found a new substance of choice. Throughout the state, more and more towns are struggling to deal with the effects of methamphetamines. The state’s strategies to cut down on opioid use unintentionally drove people to using other substances and many people found meth to be a suitable replacement. A recent drug bust found 140 pounds of methamphetamines, which is the largest meth bust yet for Mississippi. The drugs are trafficked into the state by Mexican cartels looking to fill the vacuum left by opioids in states that have implemented action plans for opioid management. There are options for help regardless of which substance you or a loved one may be struggling with. Don’t allow an addiction to permanently change the course of your life.

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