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Like many Midwestern states, Missouri produces large amounts of agricultural products including pigs, cows, soybeans, and rice. Though it’s part of the Midwest, where many states have avoided the opioid epidemic to an extent, Missouri seems to struggle with it, especially with synthetic opioids. You can see a marked increase in overdoses when fentanyl hit the drug markets in the mid 2010s, which is an issue law enforcement and emergency responders throughout the state are still trying to handle. Studies collecting data on incidences of overdose death, illegal possession, and other drug-related charges by state ranked Missouri third from the top. Between the extreme damage caused by the opioid epidemic and the rapidly expanding meth use, Missouri has its hands full. Use of heroin and prescription opioids stayed relatively level with slight increase throughout the 2010s, but synthetic opioids exploded towards the end of the decade. Some states saw large declines in the other types of opioid use but use of all 3 types is high in Missouri. If you or someone you know is struggling with meth, opioids, or any substances, please reach out for help. There are treatment centers across the country that can provide information and treatment if necessary.

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