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Montana, also called “Big Sky Country” and “The Last, Best Place” is one of the largest and most northern Midwestern states. It’s economy is relatively diverse, relying on agriculture, oil, and public health. One of the recent developments in its economy is the popularity of its national parks. Studies have shown that the 13 million annual tourists prove tourism is the fastest growing sector within the state’s economy. Luckily Montana hasn’t had to put the same kind of financial support into fighting substance use issues as other states. While the North East and most of Appalachia suffered at the hands of the opioid epidemic, it never had the same kind of foothold in Montana. Behind marijuana, meth is the most popular illicit substance in Montana in terms of criminal offenses and it’s the most commonly seized drug. This spike has been seen throughout the US as opioid use begins to fall. Montana’s legal substance of choice is alcohol and the amount of excessive drinking found in the state is above the national average consistently. Montanans report binge drinking and chronic drinking at higher rates, which are both damaging drinking patterns. If you’re struggling with a substance use disorder, please reach out to a treatment provider. You don’t have to face addiction alone.

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