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Home to the famous, and sometimes infamous, Las Vegas, Nevada is one of the largest and least densely populated states. Most of its residents live in and around Las Vegas as its tourism industry is one of the largest economic boons in the state. Much of the state is arid land or mountains, which didn’t lend itself to sprawling suburban populations like many other states enjoy. Though, these features make it popular among tourists interested in outdoor sports like off-roading, biking, and rock climbing. A 2018 national study observing the changing opioid epidemic found that Nevada struggles most with prescription opioids. Unlike many states where fentanyl overtook prescription options, Nevada’s use of prescription opioids is more than heroin and fentanyl combined. Opioid overdose deaths and use are going down overall, and as these numbers continue to fall, a dangerous increase in stimulant use is looming in the background. Drugs like meth, ecstasy, and prescription amphetamines are becoming more popular as opioid use wanes. If you or someone you know struggles with any substance, contact a treatment provider to get information and help on how you can start recovery.

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