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The Northern Mariana Islands, also known as Northern Marianas, is a self-governing Commonwealth of the United States. The archipelago rests on the western Pacific Ocean and consists of 22 islands and islets. The northern isles of Mariana have over 9 active volcanoes and around 85.5 square kilometers of land surrounded by coral. The Northern Mariana Islands are a breathtaking sight to see. Still, unfortunately, its residents are dealing with a severe addiction crisis. Northern Mariana Islands' proximity to both the Asian and North American continents makes it a prime location for drug trafficking. Each year illicit drugs are smuggled into the archipelago and sold locally and internationally. According to officials, crystal Meth seems to be the island's biggest problem. The availability and abuse of crystal Meth have spiked and continues to rise. The rising rates of drug abuse in the Northern Mariana Islands are disheartening, but there is hope. There are several addiction treatment centers available and ready to help. Contact a treatment provider to find facilities.

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