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Pennsylvania is home to the Liberty Bell and has a population of 12.8 million. A recent study found that Pennsylvania is one of the states that has the heaviest drinkers. Researchers found that over 60% of adults in Pennsylvania drank alcohol, and over 28% of them binge drank alcohol. The same study found that adults in Pennsylvania consumed 2.34 gallons of alcohol each. Data from 2013 found that excessive drinking in the state led to 3,510 deaths and 100,106 years of potential life lost each year, as well as $8.3 billion in costs related to excessive drinking. In a society that accepts and often promotes drinking alcohol, it makes sense why many people fall victim to the powerful grips of alcohol. However, treatment professionals are always working to help those people struggling with addiction. There are treatment centers in Pennsylvania that can aid those with a drug or alcohol addiction. Discover local options near Pennsylvania today.

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