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South Dakota has a fairly low population for its area size at 884,659 residents. Most of the state is rolling prairies, but visitors come from all over the country to see Mt. Rushmore which resides in Keystone, South Dakota. One study found that over 33% of adults in South Dakota binge drink regularly, and 64% drank regularly. The state also ranked in the top 10 for alcohol related deaths, with a 20.8 rate per 100,000 people. Binge drinking is defined as a man having 5 or more drinks within 2 hours and a woman having 4 or more drinks within 2 hours. Even if someone does not binge drink on a regular basis, alcohol is still dangerous to the body and mind. Drinking regularly increases risk for health problems, as well as mental health issues. Drinking alcohol can also worsen mental illness disorders that are already present. Drug and alcohol treatment programs are available in South Dakota. Discover your options today.

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