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Along the Atlantic coastline, near the Appalachian Mountains, rests the proud and historic state of Virginia. The state was the first permanent English settlement earning it the name, "the birthplace of a nation." This historical state is also known as the "Mother of Presidents" since it is the birthplace of 8 United States presidents. Unfortunately, though the state was once home to some of the nation's brightest leaders, it is currently better known for having some of the country's highest rates of drug-related criminal activities. In Virginia, about 165,000 residents annually become dependent on illicit substances. The high rates of drug addiction are partially because most of the state's population is centered around three regions. This proximity makes it easier for drug traffickers to move drugs around, making them more accessible to the general population. Unfortunately, the illicit dealing with narcotics has led to an increase in overdoses. In 2018, the rate of fatal Opioid related overdoses was 14.3, which translates to 1,193 people. Virginia's overdose rates are alarming. It is facing an unprecedented crisis, but luckily they are not alone. There are several state-of-the-art- facilities prepared to help. Check out some local options.

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