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The beautiful state of West Virginia is best known for its beauty. But what many do not know is that it is the only state that became a part of the United States by proclamation. West Virginia was formed during the Civil War after breaking away from Virginia. The state is filled with history, like being the first place in the nation to celebrate Mother’s Day in 1914 and for being the birthplace of Golden Delicious apples. Many do not know that the state is in the middle of a battle against Opioid addiction. The state of West Virginia has been hit hard by the Opioid epidemic. In 2014 its rates of Opioid-related deaths were the highest in the nation. Today those numbers have gone down to a ratio of 42.4 in 2018 (compared to 49.6 in 2017). However, they are still incredibly high compared to the country's average (14.6 in 2018). Authorities and the residents of the state are doing their best to combat the public health crisis. Luckily there is help available. There are several addiction treatment facilities ready to lend a hand and support the citizens of Washington. Discover local centers today.

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