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The beautiful state of Wyoming is one of the most famous places in the U.S. Each year it attracts over 8.7 million worldwide visitors that spend around $3.8 billion locally. Tourists are drawn to the state's 7 national parks, especially the iconic Yellowstone. Wyoming's large number of tourists is great for the state's economy. Still, unfortunately, these numbers have also led to high drug use rates. In recent years there has been a rise in Opioid-related cases around the state. According to The Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation, cases involving Opioids have doubled. The high rates of Opioid addiction are directly correlated to healthcare professionals' over-prescribing over the years. Unfortunately, like the rest of the United States, the citizens of Wyoming are stuck battling an unprecedented crisis, but there is hope. There are several addiction treatment centers prepared to help. Discover treatment facilities across Wyoming today.

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