About Alcohol Rehab Guide

Alcohol Rehab Guide is an informational web source dedicated to supporting and helping anyone battling alcoholism or co-occurring behavioral and mental health disorders. All the information available on Alcohol Rehab Guide is developed by a team of researchers and journalists. Each published resource and article is selected with our audience’s best interest in mind. Alcohol Rehab Guide only references fact-based and relevant publications from trusted sources like government agencies and medical journals to ensure quality.

Alcohol Rehab Guide is partnered with nationally recognized treatment centers that offer counseling, rehab referrals, and consultations on treatment payment options for anyone needing help. We are owned by Recovery Worldwide, a national informational marketing umbrella for addiction recovery-related properties.

Our Mission & Goal

Our goal at Alcohol Rehab Guide is to support those affected by or battling alcoholism and co-occurring disorders through reliable information. We provide educational pieces and resources while always innately focused on the well-being of our audience. Our primary mission is to provide the informational toolkit anyone in need of help with overcoming an alcohol use or co-occurring disorder is searching for.

How We Are Different

What makes Alcohol Rehab Guide different from many other similar sites is our independence from treatment center ownership. Because we are independently owned, rather than only providing access and information about one sole treatment center, Alcohol Rehab Guide has the luxury of freely operating and partnering with facilities across the United States. Over the years, this self-autonomy has allowed us to grow and establish a commanding online presence. By focusing on providing high-quality, research-based information, we have made sure our content is easily accessible and reliable.

Our Promises And Commitments

Alcohol Rehab Guide understands the stigma people struggling with alcohol and co-occurring disorders face. That is why we are committed to providing premium and accurate information. We want our audience to always feel seen, heard, and safe when visiting our site. We promise to make not only sure our site is welcoming, but also secure and judgment-free. Alcohol Rehab Guide’s team of journalists and researchers are committed to ensuring that each user has detailed access to treatment facilities and addiction-related information to support them or their loved one on their journeys towards a healthy, alcohol-free life.

Our Featured Contributors

Alcohol Rehab Guide has the honor of working with trained treatment specialists who have dedicated their lives to providing resources and support to those battling addiction. Each of our featured contributors provides a different outlook and closer lens onto the inner workings of what it means to recover. Alcohol Rehab Guide’s esteemed group of addiction counselors, therapists, treatment advocates, and bloggers personally understand the struggles and victories of those battling alcohol use and co-occurring disorders.

The Community Outreach Team

The Community Outreach Team at Alcohol Rehab Guide is dedicated to widening the public’s awareness about addiction and recovery. By reaching out to relevant organizations and creating solid partnerships, the team hopes that their efforts will help empower those battling alcoholism to seek treatment and reduce addiction stigma.

The Editorial Team

The Editorial team at Alcohol Rehab Guide is responsible for creating the high-quality content found on our site. When writing, they are consistent and conscious of the stigmas those battling addiction face. Their goal is to provide both aid and support to those in search of recovery. Through their meticulous research of trusted sources and expert writing, the team has set up a standard we are proud of.

Non-Discrimination Policy

Alcohol Rehab Guide is a safe space for anyone in need of addiction treatment and rehab-related information. We provide our services to anyone searching for help regardless of age, gender identity, race, economic standing, or sexual orientation.

Deciding whether to reach out for help with addiction treatment is a personal decision. Our audience’s privacy and comfort are our utmost priority, which is why our partners treat everyone who chats or calls a treatment provider from our site with respect, empathy, and professionalism.

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